Antigen rapid test is applied as a first line of defense.

By immediately detecting who is sick, it prevents the spread of the virus, ¨breaking¨ the chain of transmission, since there is no time-consuming waiting for receiving results and the patient is isolated in the event that the result is positive.

It can be used by all those who have symptoms, in order to feel safe, themselves and their loved ones in everyday life, but also where there is a mass attendance of the population, such as schools, nursing homes, sports clubs, work environment, etc.

Testing could be carried out without an appointment, always observing the international safety protocols when receiving, at six (6) sampling points in the prefecture of Attica (Chalandri, Metamorfosi, Keratsini, Argyroupoli, Ilion, Peristeri).

It is the most useful tool for monitoring people's health status and protecting them at the present time, with advantages:

  • without preparation
  • low cost
  • reliability
  • painlessly by taking a nasopharyngeal swab

Simultaneous detection of SARS CoV-2 and Influenza

Early and reliable diagnosis between Covid-19 and influenza is very important for the correct treatment of the patient and is an extremely useful tool for the treating physician. The simultaneous detection of SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A/B is carried out through a rapid test at the price of 20 euros at one of the above 6 sampling points, without an appointment. The results are available in 20 minutes from the moment of testing.